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Venue: Club Quarters Hotel - Holborn London Date/Time: Sat, 5th Nov 2016 (5:00 pm - 6:30 pm)
At some point in life we realise distinctly that we are not “whole,” that we lack something essential.
The person who no longer finds satisfaction in this world, guided by this disquieting force of the Gnosis, is one who dares to change direction. When this new force, this new impulse develops within our consciousness, new and greater possibilities arise on our Spiritual Path.
We'd like to explore this subject in an open exchange during our coming Public Talk.
The Second Alchemical Recipe

The Second Alchemical Recipe

THE SECOND RECIPE: Dissolve the matter in its own water - unite conscious and subconscious. Atalanta Fugiens 31: He that delivers me shall have a great reward - Michael Maier. Read More ...

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The Plan is Reflected in Silence

What is the plan? What is the intention behind everything? What do we have to accomplish? Is there nothing but a cycle of matter, forever rising, shining and fading? Or is there also a spiritual growth without an end? Read More ...