The Fourth Alchemical Recipe

Fourth alchemical recipe
The mind must be in harmony with the work

The mind must be in harmony with the work.

This recipe denotes the process of creation ever evolving from the anima mundi, the world soul.

It is the cosmic, pulsating force of nature that is present in our body, our psyche, our creations and our society, and which manifests itself both as force and as motion.

In nature, elementary forces – elves, nymphs, fire spirits, gnomes – operate in the four elements air, water, fire and earth. In man, imagination and inspiration are the transforming forces which lead our spirit to creative action.

Alchemical work, however, is stimulated by a higher inspiration, by the healing spirit that emanates from the intercosmic order. In this sense, working equals prayer; work not in the sense of action but as a state of being, as a harmonious movement in accordance with the impulse of Tao.

It is only if we act in full consciousness in accordance with the Logos that the great alchemical work is realised.


(Text first published in Pentagram 2015  No. 2.   Emblem:  Key 12 – An alchemist at work in his laboratory – Basil Valentine)