The Sixth Alchemical Recipe

The Sixth Alchemical Recipe
Sow your gold in white foliated earth

Sow your gold in white foliated earth.

Sowing is a symbolic act. It is a ritual intervention in nature’s life processes in order to increase its procreation. The golden seed that is scattered all around is the carrier of a spiritual energy full of transmutation potential.

Sowing is also an archetypal image, deeply embedded in our consciousness. It is an act of healing and, if undertaken with the proper inner attitude, will produce golden results. The earth, the prima materia in which the sowing takes place, is first cleansed. This is a process of creating a balance, of purification, seeing through the process of the endless stream of desires, thoughts and emotional attachments that obscure our consciousness and chain us to the earth.

We may see sowing as a deed of offering and purification. It is the crucifixion of our lower self. The black earth, salt, is purified through the fire of sulphur into a white ash through a process of ‘calcination‘. The resulting ash is foliated earth, purified from black to white.

This ash is the proper fertile ground for sowing the golden seed. The white ash brings us to the transition of the ‘albedo‘ phase, in which the seed is transformed into gold through the spiritual action of the sower Mercury.


(Text first published in Pentagram 2015  No. 2.   Emblem: Atalanta Fugiens Emblem 6: Sow your gold in the white foliate earth – Michael Maier )