The Third Alchemical Recipe

The Third Alchemical Recipe
Remain vigilant even when asleep

Remain vigilant even when asleep – in the amphitheatre of eternal wisdom.
The emblem shows the various planes of existence. To the left is the world of cabala, the divine world, heaven;  to the right the world of alchemy, earth. In the centre of the hall on a table there are four musical instruments, various tools for weighing and measuring, essential tasks in alchemical practice, and a script:

“Sacred music makes sorrow and evil spirits flee; the spirit of God causes a joy-filled heart to break into psalms.”

This is the primal divine magic of the alchemist. He kneels in his laboratory and prays in front of a tabernacle with the inscriptions

“Fortunate is he who follows God’s counsels”,
“Speak not of God if you are not enlightened”,
“When we do the work rightly, God will aid us unceasingly.”

This is alchemy and also cabala, albeit a very Christian cabala.We enter the triplicate territory of magic, natural magic and supernatural magic: These are the realms, respectively, of the soul, the body and the spirit.  Man is a spiritual being: the musical instruments point us to faith in the total harmony of the universe and to how man can recognise himself in the divine universe, how he may choose to work at the disclosure of what is divine in the natural world. The alchemical process will then reveal to him how he may prepare a place for himself in the divine realm.
(Text first published in Pentagram 2015  No. 2.   Emblem: Laboratorium – Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae. Heinrich Khunrath )